What is NDA | how to Prepare NDA Exam complete information

What is NDA | how to Prepare NDA Exam complete information:- NDA is one of the top posts in India, if you join Indian Air Force , Indian Army or Navy, then you have to clear the NDA exam, but

before that you will get some important matters related to NDA You should know why you cannot clear its exam without knowing it, so before filling the NDA Exam Form , you should know  what is NDA?

How to do NDA? and what is the eligibility for this? i.e. what is the qualification required? , what is the physical requirement? and which subject should be read? , in this article today we will give the complete information of the NDA.

so that you can understand it easily. NDA how to join after passing the 12th (To How Join NDA After 12th Information? ) How to join NDA Information?  How to become an army officer?,  how to join Indian Air Force? Full details.

After passing the 12th, students often do not know what to become in a career ahead of the students, while studying in advance, some people think about what to become ahead and study accordingly so that you can get ahead.

There is no problem in any type of entrance exam, you can easily clear the exam and you can study what you want to study.

similarly if you have Join NDA  so do your math subjects will make quite strong, so let’s first get to know why they  do NDA?  What Is NDA? its full form and what we later to join NDA What can be made and how to clear the NDA Entrance Examination .

Know What is NDA Exam and Full Form

NDA whose full name is the  National Defence Academy , which known in Hindi (राष्ट्रीय रक्षा अकादमी)  National Defense Academy  Three Popular services is also where India has taken an exam before going into the Army, Navy and Air Force.

must have known that we NDA  says if you India army to the service of India,  India Air Force, Navy go every year to go to all these services twice NDA eggs in In the and it conducts UPSC.


but some Srte to sit in the exam ie Eligiblity Criteria would have let us know they do what ought to sit this exam.

NDA Exam Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be unmarried, then only you are eligible for this exam.
  • Must have 12 passes for Indian Army in any subject
  • To be admitted to the Indian Air Force and Navy, 12th should be Physics and Maths.
  • Physical fitness should be good
  • Your age should be 16.5 to 19 years, check the UPSC website for age limit
  • Your Height should be at least 157cm

5 tips to How to clear NDA exam

  • To clear the NDA exam, create a proper time table and follow the same time table daily.
  • Equal time table for all subjects and study accordingly, pay more attention to weak subjects.
  • Choose the best books for NDA exam and get help from internet.
  • Make math subject strong and study maths subject well and understand.
  • NDA solves the old year question paper of exam and sample paper so that you get the idea of ​​exam.

Complete information about how to join NDA, Army Army, India Air Force, Navy

As per candidates requirement we are going to give some nda exam preparation tips and knowledge about it. you also get condition to join national defense academy.

 1. pass 12th with science subject

Before joining NDA, you should pass 12th, also be mindful of the science subject. As soon as you have passed 10th, after this you have to choose Maths and Physics subject in 11th Science subject.

If you want to join the army, then for this you 12V can pass from any subject, but if you want to join Navy or Air Force, for this you will have to pass through 12th Physics and Maths Subject. By at least 60% marks.

 2.  Give and clear NDA entrance exam

As soon as you pass the exam or if you can fill the NDA Entrance Exam form and give the exam even before giving the final exam of 12th, these exam conducts UPSC every year.

which happens twice a year. Which is in April and September and its forms are out in June and December every year, then you can fill the form online by going to the UPSC website.

 3. Now clear the SSB interview

After clearing the Entrance Examination of NDA, you are now called for SSB Interview Round.

it consists of many tests such as Physical Test, Apty Test, Group Discussion. There are many tests like (Group Discussion), Personal Interview etc. You have to clear all these.

 4. Now complete the training of NDA

After completing all the exams, now you are sent for training for whatever post you have selected according to the post, 3 Yrs at NDA and 1 Yr at IMA (For Army cadets) and 3 Yrs at NDA and 1 Yr at Naval Academy (For Naval cadets) and 3 Yrs at NDA and 1 & 1/2 Yrs at AFA Hyderabad (For AF cadets).

then you also have to pass this training only if you can join a post in NDA In this way, you can join the Indian Army, the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force in the NDA.

NDA 2019 syllabus, exam pattern and important books Detailed Guide

UPSC has set the syllabus of NDA 2019. The NDA exam is divided into two papers – Mathematics and General Aptitude. 

It aims at judging a candidate on his / her logical ability and general awareness. NDA 2019  2 is scheduled to be held on November 17, 2019 .

NDA Exam Marking

  • Mathematics paper has 300 marks whereas General Ability test has 600 marks. The written examination will be of total 900 marks.
  • For each incorrect response, 0.33 marks will be deducted as negative marking in the exam. Read more  NDA Exam Pattern
  • After approving the written examination, the candidates have to go through SSB interview. There will be a total of 900 marks in the interview process.
  • The question paper of Mathematics and Part B of General Ability Test will be available in both English and Hindi languages.

NDA 2019 exam pattern

The exam pattern for both the papers is given below: –


Math paper tests the skills of students’ marks and calculations. Question papers are in both Hindi and English. Specific details related to this are in the table below –

Paper I mathematics
Total marks 300 points
Total Number of Questions 120
Marks for correct answer 2.5
Marks deducted for wrong answer 0.85
Exam duration 2.5 hours

General ability

General qualifications include English language and general knowledge. It is also asked in a language other than English. Details related to this topic are shown in the table below: –

Paper 2 General ability
Total marks 600
Total Number of Questions 150
Number of English subject questions 50
Number of general knowledge questions 100
Maximum marks for English 200
Maximum marks for general knowledge 400
Marks in both the sections for the correct answer 4
Marks in both sections for wrong answer 1.33
Exam duration 2.5 hours

NDA Exam Syllabus for Mathematics

Paper 1 is based on mathematics. It is expected that there will be no change in the kind of examination syllabus last year.

Accordingly, the questions of the exam will be asked at the level of 10 + 2. Sub-subjects of this exam are not very difficult,

so students of any board can easily pass this section. The thing to note is that you do not have to use calculator etc. Important topics related to Mathematics subject are:

For math NDA syllabus
Algebra Matrix and Determinant
Trigonometry Analytical geometry related to two and three dimensions
Differential Calculus Integral Calculus and Differential Equations
Vector algebra Statistics and probability

Best Books for preparation of NDA Exam

For the preparation of Paper 1, you are in NCERT of class XI and XII. Other than this, you can take help of some books.

In fact, in these books you will get theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge. The details of the books are written in the table below: –

Book Author name
Mathematics for NDA and NA: National Defense Academy and Naval Academy R S Agarwal
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams R S Agarwal
Study Package Mathematics, NDA and NA entrance examinations Arihant
NDA Mathematics (Hindi) RPH Editorial Board

NDA 2019 math topic analysis

This paper was held in April 2019, in which questions related to Seed Mathematics, Matrix and Distributions, Trigonometry, Calculus, Proverability, Complex and Square Equations were asked. The total marks of the exam was 300. Here is the details:

Subject Number of questions
Calculus 20-25
Square equation 20-15
Matrix and Determinant 30
Providence 10
Trigonometry 30
Complex question 10-15

Syllabus for General Aptitude Test

Paper 2 assesses general awareness and English-related proficiency. This section was divided into two parts, such as English and General Knowledge. The total marks of the exam is 600 and duration is 2.5 hours. The subject wise syllabus is: –

Part A – English

  • By the English subject, the candidate’s knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary is tested.
  • In this, the ability of the candidate to form sentences and use words correctly is tested.
  • Along with this, various topics like grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, mental ability and knowledge are also examined.

Part B – General Knowledge

The general knowledge question paper is not limited only to general knowledge and latest events, but it also covers the following subjects like-

Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Social Studies, Geography and latest events, which are given in detail below. Has gone.

Physics section

The table below contains information on General Ability Test of Physics section:

For physics NDA courses
States of matter and its sound Information related to light and sound
Motion and law of motion Magnets and related information
Work, energy and electricity Current and electricity
Mode of transfer of hits and effects Simple Pendulum, Pulley, Siphon, Leavers, Balloon, Pumps,

Hydrometer, Pressure Cooker, Thermos Flask, Gramophone, Telegraph, Telephone, Periscope,

Telescope, Microscope, General Principles of Working of Mariner Compass, Conductors, Safety Fuses

Chemistry section

Basic knowledge of chemistry and various chemicals is tested in this section. The topics to be considered for preparation are given below:

For chemistry NDA syllabus
Physical and chemical changes Oxidation and reduction with properties of oxygen, hydrogen etc.
Air and Water (Properties) Carbon and its forms
Chemical equations and laws of chemical composition Atom and its structure (description)
Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Fertilizer
Acids, Bases and Salts Use of materials for the preparation of various chemicals

General science section

The topics of general science are given below. To get good marks in NDA, candidates should prepare it well.

For general science NDA syllabus
Basic Unit of Life Breeding in Plants and Animals
Living and Non-Living Things Processes related to human body and life
Pandemic: Causes and Prevention Food and balanced diet
The Solar System Key Scientists Achievement

History section

Important information included in the History section are in the table below: –

For history NDA syllabus
Indian History: Culture and Civilization Constitution and Administration of India
Nationalism in india Government of India at various levels
Five Year Plans India Renaissance and Discovery
French, Russian and Industrial Revolution United Nations and One World Concept
Democracy in india Teaching related to Mahatma Gandhi

Geography section

For Geography section, there should be information related to the following topics: –

For geography NDA syllabus
Earth and its origin and movement (latitude and desert) Tides and ocean currents
Rock and its classification Atmosphere and Atmospheric Pressure
Climate of India Types of regional geography
Indian Agriculture and Industry Transport and trade routes
India’s imports and exports  –

Latest events

To get good results in this subject, you should study the latest newspapers and magazines regularly so that you can get all the information about the current events around the country and the things going on in the world. For this, you can take help of the table below: –

For current affairs NDA syllabus
Important and recent events in India Current and important world events
Important Indian or non-Indian celebrities – related to cultural activities and sports  –

Some good books for you

There is no prescribed syllabus for Paper 2 because in this paper questions related to the events happening around the world are asked.

For this, it is important to have basic knowledge on various subjects along with your vigilance. To score well in this paper, you can take help of books, magazines, newspapers, archives, news channels etc.

Apart from newspapers and twelfth books, there are many other books in the market which can help you.

Name of the book Author / Publisher
History of Modern India (History) Morning moon
Science and Technology in India (Science and Technology) Kalpana Rajaram: Spectrum
Oxford School Atlas (Geography) Oxford
Social Problems in India (Indian Society – GS1) Ram Ahuja
General English for Competitive Exams SP Bakshi
Manorama Year 2019 Mammon Math

Analysis of the year 2019 paper for general aptitude test

In NDA 2019 , paper 2 was asked in 150 questions with a score of 600. The question of English was according to the predetermined syllabus.

Science Section questions in Section B were a bit difficult, but the questions of remaining subjects were general. More details of this are given below:

Part A – English

Number of subject questions Number of questions numbers
Catch mistakes 5 20
Comprehension 6 24
Choose word 10 40
Put sentences in sequence 9 36
Sentence correction 10 40
Antonyms 5 20
Synonyms 5 20
50 to 200 total 50 200

Part B – General Knowledge

Subject Number of questions numbers
Physics 23 92 23 92
chemistry 16 64
general Science 11 44
History and Freedom Movement 16 64
Geography 17 68
Current events 17 68
The total 100 400

Important dates

Name of Examination Release date Last date of application Exam date
NDA I (Expired) 10 January 2019 05 Feb 2019 21 April 2019
NDA II 07 August, 2019 3 September 2019 November 17, 2019

Important tips for NDA preparation

Here are some useful tips to score better in the exam: –

  • You have to be fully aware of the NDA syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Do not forget to read the books of NCERT class XI-XII.
  • You should also have basic knowledge related to Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  • Prepare a plan and practice regularly for preparation.
  • Earn knowledge of comprehension, basic grammar and vocabulary for English section.
  • Stay informed about the latest and current events.
  • Study the political and historical scenario of India.
  • Support from coaching centers can also help in better preparation.

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