Using Time Management to Improve Study Skills

Using Time Management to Improve Study Skills:- If you think of the most valuable currency at this house, then your mind will first go towards dollars, dinars, pounds etc.

If you want, you can also think about Bitcoin. According to Chanakya, “Time is the most valuable currency in this world.”

If even for a second, even the most powerful currency in the world cannot buy it. Everyone has the same time per week. 

Whether it is a local tea shop owner, a common shopkeeper or a big industrialist like Ambani, Tata, Bill Gates etc.

The question is, what do Ambanis, Tatas etc. do to make such a big difference in the success of themselves and others? Know about this, so that you too can make the best use of time-

Do the right thing

When we talk about time management, it is just an art of priority management. The thinking is whether we are prioritizing priority or prioritizing the timetable. 

If our priorities are set then achieving the goal will not be a difficult task. However if we prioritize the timetable, we may have a good timetable but success will not be achieved on the scale as we wished. Will be

Similarly, working properly or working properly, what is more important in this? Many people believe that doing things correctly will lead to success, but by doing the wrong thing properly, you can deviate from your goal, so doing the right thing correctly is more important. 

First of all, you have to find out which is the best job for you. After choosing that work, whenever you work, you will not even know and the work will be done.


One fully understands the importance of time when there is very little time left for it. The greatest wealth of all people’s lives is the non-ending years of their productive lives.P. W. Litchfield

Special Time Management Habits

  • Write down the tasks of the day in digital form on some paper.
  • Prioritize the hardest work at the beginning of the day.
  • Set the priority of tasks. Finish important tasks soon.
  • Learn to say no If you can do limited work in limited time, then do not be burdened by the workload.
  • Control your break time, as it may spoil your productivity.
  • Learn to delegate tasks, because you cannot do it all by yourself.
  • Keep a watch on your desk to track your time at workless.
  • Break tasks into smaller goals so that every goal can be achieved.
Instead of working according to the hours of the whole day, observe your tasks and think about completing them with planning.

Principle of pareto

Pareto’s principle is important in getting priorities right from the beginning, according to which 20% of the input invested is responsible for 80% of the results achieved.

This principle calls for smart work. If you invest 20 hours a day to achieve the goal, but if the priorities are not right, then you can finish that work but you will not get the right result.

Time Management Tips for Competitive Exam Preparation

we are taught that  “Time is Money”  may have been rote in fear of the teacher, but how many people adopted it in life? Today in the Post we have time to manage the  Time Management  will provide an update about.

Friends, there will be many people around you who work hard throughout the day to complete their tasks. Looking at him, you feel that he must have completed all his tasks on time. 
But when he is asked about this, it comes to know that even after being so busy, he is unable to complete all his tasks and many of his works remain incomplete. 
When you want to know the reason from them, the only answer is that   “time is less. “
But the thing to think is that every person in the world has only 24 hours in a day, but some people are not able to complete their work even after being busy all day and some people are able to reach the peak of success at the same time. of success). Remember if you always say that you are busy, in fact you are not busy, you are busy!
Arnold Bennett ji says – “Whenever you wake up in the morning, you get 24 hours without doing anything in your purse.
This is the 24 hour that no one can steal from you, no one can snatch and neither can increase it. This is yours, now you use it or not, there is no one to punish you. 
No one will ask you what you did for 24 hours. This is your life, your 24 hours… Either live it or squeeze these 24 hours. “

10 killer Tips Using Time Management to Improve Study Skills

So in this post today, we are going to tell you the 10 important tips of Time Managment told by Vinay Dwivedi , which will help you to reach the peak of success!

1. The simplest way to save time is to become multitasking…. Often there are many such tasks in our routine in which we can do two things or more of the work together… By marking such works, we can save our time !!

2. Make a list of things for the next day at night… that is, a list of their work you have to do tomorrow… ..and then keep that list with you the next day… It will make you feel every moment how much work you do Finished and how much is left .. !! 

3. Make sure to evaluate your target list every night at night .. so that you will know how much target you gave yourself last night and how many tasks you were able to finish .., this will speed you up to work the next day. Will increase automatically !!

4. Believe it or not .. But in today’s time, social media takes the most time…. Scrolling the home page for hours on Facebook… If a photo or status is entered, then go and write it and wait for the comment! If considered right, even if we logout Facebook, then even then the brain is not able to remove it immediately…. This wastes a lot of our time !!

5. Make a systematic time table… and most important, follow it. Often people just make a time table and cannot follow more than a day or two…. !!

6. Try to avoid those who are stuck for hours on mobile .., try to understand yourself that all this is not right for you and your future right now .. and keep a sim personal too .. whose numbers are only Close to your special people… so that you can switch off the normal number while studying !!

7. Make a habit of waking up early in the morning .. This will not alleviate the whole day! We often sleep late at night in Whatsapp, Facebook, mobile circles .. So we wake up late the next day… .that makes all the time management worse !!

8. Always keep the watch ahead for 5 or 10 minutes… will enable you to finish the work within the stipulated limit… and one benefit will be that you will never be late !!

9. Do not waste time at all… Before doing any work, do think once before that is it beneficial for you in any way? .. you have to decide for yourself what is important for you at this time… and who should give you time !! 

10. One of the most important things if you can do is…. Start doing the work that is being done by putting a stop watch… This will enable you to increase the speed at some time !!

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