Top 5 Most Important Rules of Noun PDF For Competitive Exam

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Most Important Rules of Noun PDF

I will discuss some points after rules

Noun is is the  name of a person , place or things

They Are 5 Types of Noun.

  1. Proper Noun
  2. Common Noun
  3. Collective Noun
  4. Materials Noun
  5. Abstract Noun

Top 10 Most Important Rules of Noun. Study Carefully!


  • Certain Nouns exist in Plural Forms only. Thus, ” s” cannot be removed form such nouns to make them singular. They take Plural verb with them.

E.g. scissors, tongs , pliers , pincers, bellows , trousers, pants, pajamas, shorts, spectacles, goggles, binoculars, sunglasses, embers, fireworks, lodgings, archives ,fangs, alms, etc.

  • where are my pants?
  • where are the tongs?
  • Alms were given to the beggars.

Note. wages can be used in both singular & plural form. see the following sentences:-


Wages- Labour/Result

Labour – Plural  wages are paid in cash.

Result- Singular Wages of Hard work is sweet.


News , Innings, Politics , Summons, Physics, Economics, Ethics, Mathematics, Mumps, Measles, Shingles , are certain Nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning , They take Singular verb.


  1. No News is good News
  2. politics is a dirty Game.
  3. Economics is an interesting Subject.
  4. Ethics demands Honesty .


Cattle, cavalry infantry , poultry , peasantry , children gentry , police and people are certain nouns that are singular in form but plural in meaning . They take plural verb .

‘s’ is never used with these noun.


  1. Cattle are grazing in the fields.
  2. Our infantry have marched forward.
  3. police have arrested the thieves.

Note-:People‘ means ‘a number of person‘ while ‘peoples‘ means ‘people of difference of races‘.


Scenery , poetry , Furniture , advice, Hair, Business, Mischief, bread, Stationery, Crockery , luggage, Baggage, Postage, Knowledge ,wastage, Jewellery , Fuel and Cost are uncountable nouns and hence will take singular Verb . These nouns will not take article ‘a/an’ many ., ‘few’, number of and ‘plural form’


  1. The Scenery of Kasmir has enchanted us.
  2. I passed the exam but the percentage of makes was not good.
  3. The mischief committed by him is unpardonable.
  4. His hair is black.
  5. I have some equipment that I needed for the Project.

Note-: Monies is the plural form of Money which means amounts of money.


Deer, Sheep , Series, Species , fish , crew, team , Jury, aircraft , counsel are certain Nouns that are used in both singular and plural form. If they are used in Singular sense, they take singular verb and if they are used in plural sense, they take plural verb,


  1. A sheep is grazing in the field.
  2. Two sheep are grazing in the field.
  3. There are two fish in the pond.

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