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Total Question No-25

A. In the Following Question choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word as your answer.

  1. Eternal
    • usual
    • active
    • realistic
    • temporary
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Temporary[/su_spoiler]
  2. Comedy
    • tragedy
    • trilogy
    • limerick
    • clergy
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Tragedy[/su_spoiler]
  3. Incessant
    • Continuous
    • Intermittent
    • unceasing
    • constant
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Intermittent[/su_spoiler]

B. In the Following Questions, out of the four alternatives, Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word as your answer.

  1. Candid
    • Able
    • quiet
    • fearless
    • frank
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Frank[/su_spoiler]
  2. Meagre
    • plenty
    • Sufficient
    • inadequate
    • limited
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Inadequate[/su_spoiler]
  3. Bliss
    • pleasure
    • fantasy
    • happiness
    • laughter
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Happiness[/su_spoiler]

C. In the Following question, four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase printed in bold in the sentence. choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase as your answer.


  1. He turned a deaf ear to his presents advice.
    • Listen carefully
    • refused to obey
    • big help
    • alternatively
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Refused to obey[/su_spoiler]
  2. Most people live from hand to mouth these days because of inflation.
    • lavishly
    • Happily
    • Comfortably
    • miserably
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Miserably[/su_spoiler]
  3. There are no hard and fast rules for admission to this college.
    • easy
    • strict
    • fixed
    • slow
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Fixed[/su_spoiler]

D.the following questions, a part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at (a), (b) and (c) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is (d).

  1. The Principal was praised on his fiftieth birthday.
    • Rewarded
    • awarded
    • honored
    • No Improvement
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Honnored[/su_spoiler]
  2. Books are ones best friends.
    • ones’
    • once
    • one’s
    • No Improvement
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]One’s[/su_spoiler]
  3. It is not wise to do the work at the eleventh hour.
    • on the eleventh hour
    • at the moment
    • at the end
    • no improvement
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Improvement[/su_spoiler]

Allahabad High Court Junior Assistant Previous Old Question Papers

in the following questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence

  1. A man who doesn’t know how to read or write.
    • uneducated
    • illiterate
    • ignorant
    • oblivious
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]illiterate[/su_spoiler]
  2. One who speaks for others
    • spokesman
    • leader
    • supporter
    • naming
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]illiterate[/su_spoiler]
  3. Soldiers who fight on horseback
    • infantry
    • artillery
    • cavalry
    • armored
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]infantry[/su_spoiler]
  4. Rebellion against lawful authority
    • Mutiny
    • Coup
    • Revolution
    • Dissidence
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Mutiny[/su_spoiler]

E. In the following questions, some parts of the sentences have errors and some have none find out which part of a sentence has an error   The Number of that part is the answer. If a sentence is free from error, then your answer is (d) i.e. No error.

  1. Speakers after speaker(a)/ came on the stage(b)/ to perform.(c)/ No error(d)
  • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Speakers after Speaker[/su_spoiler]
  1. If he had walked (a)/ fast enough (b)/ he will get the bus. (c) No error(d)
  • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]He will get the bus[/su_spoiler]
  1. I (a)/have been studying (b)/since four hours(c)/No error(d)
  • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]since four hours[/su_spoiler]
  1. old habits(a)/die(b)/hardly.(c)/No error(d)
  • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Hardly[/su_spoiler]

F.In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). four alternatives are suggested for each question choose the correct alternative out of the four as your answer.

  1. Bread is usually made………wheat.
    • of
    • form
    • with
    • by
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Form[/su_spoiler]
  2. Did the child ……………. form the chair?
    • fell
    • fallen
    • falling
    • fall
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]fall[/su_spoiler]
  3. Do you …………… to see my collections?
    • cared
    • like
    • got
    • want
    • [su_spoiler title=”Check Answer” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Got[/su_spoiler]

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