Medical Standard For NDA Examination [Complete Information]

Medical Standard For NDA Examination [Complete Information]_ The NDA (National Defence Academy) Exam is conducted to the Choice of the candidates into the Indian Armed forces as an officer.

Here in this guide, I am going to share with you the comprehensive info about this Medical Standard for NDA Examination.

To find complete information regarding this, check the full article below to receive every detail about the Medical Eligibility for NDA Exam that is required in every candidate to receive chosen in the ceremony.

The Medical Exams are very stringent in the Armed forces, here is your complete medical condition for the NDA Exam.

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NDA Examination Guidelines for Physical Standard

To get selected in the Indian Armed forces such as the Indian Army, Indian Airforce and Indian Navy throughout the NDA.

A candidate will have to clear the Selection Phases of the NDA (National Defence Academy) Examination.

One will need to clean the NDA written Examination which conducts with the UPSC(Union Public Service Commission) and also who’d pass this they’ll appear for your SSB Interview and Medical Examination etc.. Simply the selection would be like:

  • Written Exam
  • SSB Interview
  • Medical Exam

The preparation for the NDA written Examination could be done in many ways.


There are many coaching Institutes available for the preparation of the.

Join the most excellent Institute and find a better education for the written Examination.

SSB Interview may be the toughest part of the selection; an individual will need to look for the five times long Interview, and every day you’ll be analyzed differently.

Additionally, there are many Institutes available for the preparation of the.

One may prepare through the books, too if he/she has enough knowledge about the Interview Procedure.

Medical Examination: The Medical Examination is also demanding. A slight mistake can cause permanent rejection.

Here are the full details I’ve given about the Medical Standard in NDA Exam that’s required to need to look for this.

Latest Medical Eligibility for NDA Exam 2020:

At the Medical Evaluation, Total body will be assessed under the advice of the Army Physicians at the Army hospitals.

First, your Body eligibility will be assessed, and the examiner will check your External body from bottom to top, will even ask about the marks on your body, if you are having so.

  • The elevation of this candidate should not be less than 157 cum.
  • You should have Standard body weight as per your height.
  • Your system shouldn’t take any genetic disease like gynecomastia, joint knees, color blindness, or night blindness.
  • Your chest should be well developed with 5cm minimum growth.
  • Your elbow should not turn in outer management for over 15 degrees.
  • Any acute body fracture in any body part can cause irreversible rejection.

Eyesight needed for NDA Exam:

  • Your vision should be 6/6 without glasses.
  • If you’re wearing eyeglasses, it shouldn’t be bad than 6/12.
  • For your flying branch, your eyesight must be 6/6. There’s not any relaxation for it.
  • Eye correction operation isn’t permitted in the NDA Exam, but there are a few criteria, and it is allowed for the other entrances of Defence.
  • Cosmetic checkup for NDA Exam:
  • This is very regular tests; only a few get rejection within this in case you’ve got full-grown set teeth, then you are fine. Typically, nobody gets reject in this test, and should you’ve broken teeth, then you just a suitable answer to the, that it.

Dental checkup for NDA Exam:

Once you clear this All of the tests, you will look for your Internal Body tests, and within this, These following evaluations will be held:

  • Chest X-ray to your lungs.
  • The liver difficulty will be checked
  • Blood evaluation
  • Urine evaluation

There are some more tests also that aren’t recorded. If you have some problem with your medical Examinations, you will get a temporary rejection in the Medical Board, and the board will give you some time to correct that.

If you have any severe issues that cannot be correct, you might find a permanent rejection on the board.

Once you get a continuous rejection from the board, there’s not any way to receive back.

You can apply to your re-medical into the Medical Board, and this is the final alternative.

When you’ve got a dream of linking Indian Armed forces. Try to be healthy and fit.

A slight mistake can destroy your career as well as your goals. Eat healthily and exercise daily.

NDA Guidelines for Physical Standard

The NDA tests are conducted by UPSC twice annually for the induction of candidates at the three wings of the Indian Armed Forces, i.e., the Army, the Navy, and the Airforce.

The selection procedure for NDA consists of a written examination followed by an SSB interview along with medical evaluations.

The recommended candidates by the Service Choice Boardundergo a medical test conducted by a board of medical service officers.

To look for the examinations, the aspirants need to fulfill several requirements set by UPSC, which includes age standards and medical standards for NDA.

Medical Standards for NDA

The height and weight standards for Army, Air Force and Navy are given below –

Height/Weight Standards for Army/Air Force
Height (in cm)Weight (in kg)
Without shoes16-17 years17-18 years18-19 years
Height/Weight Standards for Navy
Height (in cm)Weight (in kg)
Without shoes16 years18 years20 years

Medical Requirement for Candidates to Join Indian Air Force as Pilot – Medical Standards for NDA

Special Requirements for Air Force Pilot
Leg length99.00cm – 120.00cm
Thigh lengthMax 64.00cm
Sitting height81.50cm – 96.00cm


  1. There ought to be no indicators or any organic disease of the heart and blood vessels.
  2. The candidate’s blood pressure should be reasonable.
  3. A urine sample of the candidate will be tested, and if any abnormality is discovered, it will be a cause for rejection.
  4. Hernias, if not function properly, will make a candidate unfit. In the case of managed Hernia, a minimum of 6 months has to pass before the final medical Examination before the commencement of the course.
  5. There should be no signs of piles.
  6. Any disorder of the skin, which is very likely to cause disability or disfigurement, will also be regarded as a cause for rejection.
  7. There should be no enlargement of the liver or spleen.
  8. Any evidence of disease of internal organs of the abdomen is going to be a cause for rejection.
  9. Candidate should not have any previous history of psychological breakdown or fits.
  10. No bony deformities such as chest wall deformities, Elbow deformities, Finger deformities Assessing Knee, Bowlegs, and deformities of toes and toes should be found.

Hearing ability standards– Medical Standards for NDA

The hearing should be healthy, with no indication of any operating anomalies.

A candidate ought to be able to hear a forced whisper with every ear at a distance of 610 centimeters in a quiet area.

There should be no evidence of contemporary or past disease of the ear, throat, and nose.

The audiometric test is going to be performed for the AF. Audio metric hearing loss should not be higher than 20 db in frequencies between 250 and 8000 Hz. There does not impede language.

Vision Standard for Air Force, Army, and Navy – Medical Standards for NDA

For Air Force Candidates:

NOTE: Candidates who wear spectacles permanently are not eligible for air force

NOTE: Nominees who use spectacles permanently Aren’t eligible for air pressure

Uncorrected without glass6/6, 6/9
Corrected with glass6/6 (only for Hypermetropia)
Limits of MyopiaNil
Limits of Hypermetropia+2.00 D Sph
Colour VisionCPI (MLT)
Astigmatism+0.75 Cyl
Near VisionN-5 each eye
For Naval/Army Candidates:
Uncorrected without glass6/6
Corrected with glass6/6
Limits of Myopia-0.75
Limits of Hypermetropia+1.5
Limits of Colour PerceptionI
Binocular VisionIII
Dental Health – Medical Standards for NDA

The candidates should have healthy gums and teeth and should not be suffering from severe pyorrhea.

A minimum of 14 dental points are acceptable. When 32 teeth are present, the total dental points are 22.

Few of such commonly found defects / ailments are listed below – Medical Standards for NDA

  1. Wax ( Ears )
  2. Deviated Nasal Septum
  3. Hydrocele / Phimosis
  4. Overweight / Underweight
  5. Under sized Chest
  6. Piles
  7. Gynaecomastia
  8. Tonsillitis
  9. Varicocele

General physical parameter exercises to be performed at the time of selection – Medical Standards for NDA

  1. Running 2.4 km in 15 minutes
  2. Skipping
  3. Pushups and sit ups ( minimum 20 each )
  4. Chin ups ( minimum 08 )
  5. Rope climbing

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