Important Tips To Attempt SSB Interview in English

Important Tips To Attempt SSB Interview in English:= On being a former army officer very often my mass by Aspiring students want to join the Indian armed forces about some of the tips that might help them clear the Services Selection Board is commonly known as the SSB.

As many of you might be aware it is related to pass the written entrance exam but extremely difficult to clear the SSB reason for that is that the SSB is looking for qualities which are called officer-like qualities are qualities with a very unique and found very rare amongst the Aspiring candidates.

How to Attempt SSB Interview

and does not mean that people who don’t have these qualities don’t want to become very great leaders good leaders matter of fact there are instances where many individuals who have not cleared the SSB have gone on to become world-famous actors world-famous athletes and many other professions.

so just because somebody that not really a selfie does not mean that individual is not a good leader but what the army is looking for the armed forces are looking for are slightly different qualities.

that they’re looking for leaders who are capable of operating on the high stress who are capable of taking life and death decisions in Virtually spirit in seconds.

so we decided that since we have hundreds of former Army officers Air Force officers Naval officers of the from the coast guard BSF pen Virtually every uniform service working in arrival in various different capacity we decided to create the series.

where each one of these offices will be able to share with you their personal tips their personal anecdotes their personal advice which will help you in being able to bring out that potential during your SSB interview.

I start with my first firstli my first trip to you that you should be yourself it’s good to undergo coaching it is good to take advice from people but don’t try to impersonate don’t try to copy your role model that you have it may be good to attend some of these coaching classes.

but remember one thing that the people the officers who are the ones were interviewing you they have decades of experience behind they can smell coaching class in 30 seconds.

and if you try to put up front a letter count against you so while you are under coaching class that’s find some of you might want to do that but don’t try to pretend to be somebody that you are not.


The Second is the preparation Tips for the SSB does not begin or end only with the SSB visa skills that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life whether you are joining the armed forces for not joining them with your selected or not selected these skills will be useful for you for the rest of your life with the skills of the skills of teamwork whether

it’s kill the communication whether it skills of general awareness general knowledge and you can’t really prepare for it in a few weeks time so my second attempt to you is that you should be aware of world affairs in any case you should be aware of national affairs in any case your general knowledge should be good in any case not just for SSB

and the best way to do that is to read alot train use every opportunity that you get to read weather is newspapers magazines its political affairs current affairs and World economics try and make yourself as a where as possible

watch the right television programs look at the deeper analysis which happens on debates make your self aware of of what is happening around you and that will stand you in good stead not just in the SSB but for the rest of your career

by last it would be that I know that many of the people watching this article or forwarding it will be sending out to people who think or who are people were Aspiring to join the armed forces but many of the skills that will be imparted by probably diseased person who is going to be following me in this series are leaders who had been in the thick of it there are several of them

who are gallantry award winners There are several who have taken part in operations where they have lost human life so many of these lessons have been learnt at the price of blood Bass lessons will be useful whether or not you join the SSB

so I would urge you to know whether or not you happy hour for the SSB whether you are not you join the Army I would urge you to pay very close attention to them they will stand you in terms of Knowledge in terms of your experience they will prove to be worth their weight in gold.

and my last request to many of you were watching this even if you don’t intend to join the armed forces even if that is not your intent even if you believe that other Carriers are more lucrative for something that you are passionate about it.

I would urge you to at least MPS sp1 once you go to that environment once you see that you are capable of clearing SSB you might change your mind about joining for not joining the army because if you have what may be one or two people have in a batch of sometimes 1500-200

if you have that real quality then perhaps best Laboratory in the armed forces and your possible choice that after about ten years of service if you believe that you want to leverage that skills and potentials in the Siva Street and come back to the civilized world you can do that at any point of time but it’s only at this window of your life that you will get an opportunity to join what is probably one of the best training establishments in the world the Indian armed forces.

all the very best and I look forward to meeting some you hear from some of you about this series please leave your comments on the link provided below and give us ideas and suggestions on how you would like this series to be made even better thank you very much and once again best of luck.

Rules to Handle Rapid-Fire Question

we are going to see about the ways you can answer the rapid-fire questions in your SSB interview now before I begin let me tell you that rapid fire is the most crucial part of the SSB interview it’s a bunch of questions that you are you ask in a sequence and expects the candidate to answer them in the same order the aspirants they find it very difficult as they are not aware of the technique of handling and therefore fail to give a proper response to the questions asked but there is some rules handle this rapid-fire questions in your SSB interview.

I will tell them to you but before that let me tell you that if you want to prepare for your difference competitive examinations are the comfort of your home you can do it with our website. we regularly update study tips and educational information.

begin with the rules to handle rapid fire questions in SSB interview

  • Remember the question in sequence
  • Answer in the sequence
  • Don’t skip any Question
  • Provide Limited reply
  • Make a mind map of questions and follow it

Q1: About your city?

now go through some of the most asked rapid-fire questions and an outline over how to drive them as per your personality started the first question the first kind of question you can expect is about your city have to give some history culture and architecture governance Education Tourism industry

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