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One of the most beautiful places in the world, Kashmir’s great agony is that there have been constant efforts to divide its identity into pieces. In April 1948, it was split between two countries. Azad Kashmir Gilgit, Baltistan illegally went to Pakistan’s part, then Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir Valley legitimately joined India by signing (20 October 1947) the merger treaty.

The Kashmir of Pakistan is divided into Shia, Sunni and Dardu etc., while the Kashmir of India is divided into Hindu, Muslim, Buddhists are divided into population. Politicians have only continuously widened the trenches of partition. After weakening Section 370, another official division of Jammu and Kashmir has been done in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

It needs to be understood that the entire Jammu and Kashmir (Indian part and Pakistan occupied part) is a culture bound area. It has to be one if not today. Appearance can be anything. This can be done by including the Pakistan occupied territory in India. This can be done by giving both countries freedom to reconcile each other’s Kashmiris by agreement.

Ghatna Chakra PDF Sam Samayik 2021
Ghatna Chakra PDF Sam Samayik 2021

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There are other options which may also fall under the category of sedition. There are many elements that unify the entire Jammu and Kashmir. The Kashmiri mystic poetess ‘Lalla’ (Lalleshwari Devi) is one of such elements. There was a time when Kashmiri people used to say, “We know only two names;

Lalla, who was born Laleshwari Devi, how was Lalla? His story goes like this: Lalla means belly meat in Kashmiri language. Legend has it that she walked naked naked. Some people said to them, “It doesn’t feel good for a woman to walk like this.” At least cover the lower part of the abdomen.

At this, Lalla pulled the flesh of the stomach and covered his secret parts and hid his chest with hair. This gave him the name ‘Lalla’. Just as there are stories in the public mind regarding saints / sages, so there are countless stories about Lalla.


She used to roam from village to village in unmanly condition. The children ran after them, teasing them. They considered him crazy. In one village, his devotees, a shopkeeper of clothes, teased the boys and called and scolded them.

Lalla devotee went to the shopkeeper and asked for a cloth. The shopkeeper immediately introduced the cloth. Lalla put two similar shops on him, one on the left shoulder and one on the right shoulder. Then she started wandering in the market. On the way, if someone abused them, someone would greet them.

As soon as someone abuses, she puts a knot on the right shoulder cloth and when someone says hello, she puts a knot on the left shoulder cloth. By evening, she returned to the shopkeeper and asked him to weigh both the clothes. Both were equal.

Lalla then explained to him that I was honored as much as I was abused today. So why worry? Throwing stones or flowers is the same. When and how did Lalla’s dead body end? There are stories around it too.

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Hindus say, she became the flames. Muslims say, she is buried near the Bijbehra mosque. A similar story is that when the question of cremation of his body came up, both Hindus and Muslims wanted to consider him as their own and perform the rituals in their own way.

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His soul then asked the people present there to bring two plates. One sat the body in the pan and the other covered upside down on the head. Gradually, their body became finer and the two planets merged together. When they were opened there was only water in place of the body, Which was divided by both the sects. The wounded Kashmir of today needs the loving ointment of Mother Lalla.

Mamtaamayi’s memory of Lalla is very important for Kashmir. The followers of Islam do not even see the face of their women, but worshiping Lalla, who is a naked rogue equal to Allah, is an important thing. Kashmir is the subject of discussion in this time’s cover article. The burden of financial review and budget data often puts the students in trouble.

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In order to overcome such difficulty of economic review, a review of more than a thousand pages has been arranged in a few pages in a pictorial style in such a way that the examination-questions do not go out of them.

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Similarly, an attempt has been made to explain the Union Budget in such a simple and easy language that it does not remain difficult for our readers. In the current era of economic and political atmosphere, summits like G20 are very important. The 14th G-20 Summit was held in Osaka, Japan. This issue presents an occasional article on it.

“Cricket World Cup 2019”, the biggest competition of cricket, the most popular sport in India, was organized this time in England and Wales. An occasional article on this is also presented in this issue. Suggestions from readers are invited. This time the August issue has not been published due to unavoidable circumstances, for which we apologize.

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