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Generation of Computer 1st to 5th PDF Contents

Hello, aspirants Today we describe All the Generation of Computer 1st to 5th with a manner way I hope you enjoy this Information and gain More Marks in CCC Examination and good Preformed.

ok Lets, Deep Dive 

1st Generation Computer Type Vacuum Tubes era ( 1940 – 1956:)

  • 1 Generation Computer used Vacuum Tubes and magnetic drums For operating.
  • First Generation Computer increasing lots of heat and most of the people not work at a long time.
  • First Generation very Costly because using More electricity
  • Some Example of Computer Name-UNIVAC, ENIAC 

2st Generation Computer Type Transistor use in an era  ( 1956 – 1963 🙂

  • 2nd Generation Computer Type Replaced Vacuum Tubes and Used Transistor 
  • One transistor replaced the equivalent of 40 vacuum tubes.
  • Transistor Allow to become Computer Smaller and cheaper and using less electricity.
  • 2nd Generation Computer best Deal For Generation Less Heat and most of the people working More hours

3rd Generation Computer Type Integrated Circuits (1964 – 1971)

  • Third Generation Computer used Integrated Circuits 
  • Integrated Circuits Development is the main Change of All Computer Generation
  •  Transistors were miniaturized and placed on silicon chips, called semiconductors, which effectively increased speed and efficiency and power computers.
  • It can fulfill the instructions Billionth of a second.

4th Generation Computer Type Microprocessor Era (1972 – 2010)

  • Generation Computer change everything it Replaced thousands of Integrated Circuits to One Microprocessor
  • 4th Generation Computer make One Microprocessor  thousands of integrated circuits  were built onto a single silicon chip-single silicon chip
  • As these small computers became more powerful,
    they could be linked together to form networks,
    which eventually led to the development of the Internet.
  • Fourth generation computers also saw the development of GUIs the Mouse and Handel Device.

5th Generation Computer Type  Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Still in development
  • Based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence makes the computer like human begin thinking
  • The goal is to develop devices that respond to
    natural language input and are capable of learning
    and self-organization.

Generation of Computer 1st to 5th PDF

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