Energy Complete Notes for Competitive Exam 2018

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Energy Complete Notes for Competitive Exam
Energy Complete Notes for Competitive Exam

Energy Complete Notes for Competitive Exam

Energy is the ability to do work the amount of energy possessed by a body is equal to the amount of work it can do when its energy is released there are various way in which man controlled and made use of energy to make his work easier and live better more comfort and placement.

  • Mechanical energy
  • Heat energy
  • Chemical energy
  • Electrical energy
  • Nuclear energy
  • Solar energy

The use of simple machine a simple machine is a device of instrument which is used to do work more and more quickly the simple machine used by the man for making his work is there are the Lever the pulley is include plans and Scott and the gear the use of

Energy of wind and Energy Complete Notes for Competitive Exam

a simple machine for doing work has three advantag moving air is called wind wind process kinetic energy and it is this kinetic energy of mint that is the utilised for doing work the energy of wind was utilised by man into two ways first in sailboat from transport purpose in wind mills to pump out water from earth and grind grain to get flour

limitation of wind energy

an important limitation of wind energy is that it is not available all that time and at the place where we need to do various types of work despite this limitation and important advantage of using wind energy is that use does not cause any pollution and it is available free of cost the following water process kinetic energy the kinetic energy of moving water has been used for doing various types of work the device commonly used will the moving water rotated the water wheel and these rotating water wheel can be made to turn a machine that work for us the energy of naturally flowing water is Hai rivers in store behind dams of potent energy and the use produce electricity the rest API generated by using the energy of flowing water is called hydroelectric power

Heat as a source of Mechanical Energy Complete Notes for Competitive Exam

Whenever work is done against friction mechanical energy is converted into heat does when we root our hand together then the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy and hour hands become a warm no special device in needed for converting mechanical energy of work into heat energy heat energy can also be converted into mechanical energy of work but the conversion of heat energy into mechanical energy of work is completed process and require special device like a heat engine

Heat Engine

A device by a witch the heat energy is converted into mechanical energy is called heat engine steam engine petrol engine and diesel engine are all example of heat engine heat engine are two types


  1. External combustion engine
  2. Internal combustion engine

Steam engine is an external combustion engine vs petrol engine and diesel engine or internal combustion engine steam engine is called external combustion engine because the combustion of fuel takes place outside the cylinder of the steam engine on the other hand a petrol engine is called internal combustion engine because the combustion of fuel takes place inside the cylinder of petrol pump engine

The utility of steam engine is industry and transport was so great that the invention of steam engine lead to historical evolution called industrial revolution

Transformation of Energy

the changing of one form of energy into another form of energy is called transformation of energy during the free fall of body the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy and then into heat energy this heat energy escapes into the ground but it is not destroyed at a hydraulic power house the potential energy of water is transferred into electrical energy at a thermal power station the chemical energy of coal is changed into electrical energy steam engine convert the heat engine of steam into mechanical energy the motor convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and a call up battery convert chemical energy into electrical energy a lamp convert electrical energy into light energy and a heater convert electrical energy into heat energy a car engine convert the chemical energy of petrol into heat energy and then into mechanical energy to electrical cells convert light energy into electrical energy transmitter convert sound energy into electrical energy and reduce that convert energy in to sound energy

Principle of Conversion of Energy

whenever one form of energy is converted into another from the total amount of energy remain constant energy can neither be created nor destroyed it can only be changed in form or Transport from one body to another Energy Complete Notes for Competitive Exam

The case of a waterfall

the water at the bottom of waterfall is sent warm then at the top this can be explained as follows on the basis of interconversion of energy at the top of waterfall the water process potential energy when these water falls down the potential energy gets converted into kinetic energy and when these falling water hits the ground a part of kinetic energy is converted to heat energy

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