Complete Information of how to become an IPS Officer

Complete Information of how to become an IPS Officer:- Today Article is so important for those who preparing for Civil Exams but this is specially for IPS Preparation. we discuss about How to Become an IPS Officer? Top 12 Exam Preparation Tips for IPS, Exam Pattern of IPS Exams, Syllabus of IPS Exams and IPS Thought who cracked this exams, Eligibility Criteria.

And now they are IPS in different-different states we share their opinion and study strategy. this will definitely help you out and get rid of some common question which you are facing. So Finally candidates read carefully.

At present, every person wants to write a lot of studies and in the end after writing studies, he gets a good job. Most people dream of becoming an IPS officer. But the biggest question arises that how do IPS officers become? But you do not need to worry about this question at all. Today, we will tell you what is or is required to become an IPS officer.  

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How to become an IPS Officer at a Glance

there is some main point before preparing  of IPS Exams.

1. Pass the Class XII 

To become an IPS officer, first of all, you have to pass the 12th exam, whether it is science, commerce, commerce or arts subject from any stream. Must pass the barbie

 2. Now complete graduation in any course

As soon as you pass 12th, after that you now complete your graduation / degree in whatever subject you have interest in, because it is very important to be an IPS Officer (Graduate) to become an IPS Officer, only then you can sit in the IPS exam. is

 3. Now apply for UPSC exam

As soon as you have completed graduation, after this you will have to apply for UPSC exam or you can apply for this exam in the final year also, if you have to give exam like IAS, IPS, IRS. So for everyone, you have to give UPSC exam because UPSC conducts these exams and this is the most smooth exam.

As soon as you apply for the UPSC exam, after this you have to clear 3 main exams, the first one is the Preliminary Exam, the second is the main exam and last. After clearing all these interviews, you are sent for training and you become an IPS officer.


 4. Now clear the Preliminary Exam

After applying for UPSC exam, now you have to clear the first exam, which is called The Preliminary Exam, it consists of two papers and both are objective questions, ie both papers will be 200 – 200 if there are four options. You have to clear this exam to go to the round, which is very important

 5. Now clear the main exam

As soon as you clear the first exam after that, now you have to clear the main exam which is very smile, in this you have to give the total 9 papers, in which you have to give interview along with the written (Written Exam). If a lot of people are not able to clear this exam, then if you want to become an IPS officer, then you have to bring good and top marks in the exam.

 6. Now clear the interview round

As soon as both of your rounds are cleared, after that you are now called for a personal interview which is about 45 minutes, then you have to clear the interview. There are many interview panels here which make you smile and If you ask tricky questions, then you have to be ready for this, only then you can become a qualified IPS officer.

 7. Now complete the training of IPS officer

As soon as you clear Surrey, after that you have to complete training to become an IPS officer, then for this you are sent for training in Shehro like Mussoorie and Hyderabad, as soon as your training is completed then posting is given. Like you become an IPS officer.

Mistakes to avoid IPS Study

Full form of IPS is Indian Police Service (INDIA POLICE SERVICE) It is not so easy to become an IPS officer, for this you have to pass many exams, physical test, training is done and many more Your posting is done only after clearing all these tests and you are called an IPS officer.

  • Not reading the Syllabus regularly.
  • Poor management of the syllabus. Students often go deeper into any topic than
  • required and do not read other topics mentioned in the syllabus well.
  • Keeping too many resources for a subject. The urge to buy new material should be
  • curbed. Instead, Focus should be on multiple revisions from a single source.
  • Not revising your notes/books regularly.
  • In the main exam, time management is very important. We have a tendency of writing
  • more in the questions in which we have more knowledge, but this hampers the quality of
  • answers in the later question as were are left with very little time.
  • Focussing too much on good hand writing also slows downs the speed. Rather the focus should be on completing all the questions over writing answers in good hand writing

For this IPS post, lakhs of people sit in this exam every year and only a few people They are able to pass it so that some people are not well aware of the requirements that are required to become an IPS, so you should know what is the eligibility for IPS, how much height Want, how much chest should there be, etc. let’s know

IPS officer exam eligibility

IPS or Indian Police Service ( Indian Police Service ) The biggest post a very quiet and dreams of an IPS officer to be people, because people work hard to get to the post but still some people it does not succeed and People do not know what kind of study should be done to become an IPS officer and what will be required for this.

then in this article we will tell you how to become an IPS officer The ( How to become an IPS in India information in Hindi ) How to become an IPS officer in India information in Hindi/english.

what should be the qualification to become an IPS (What are the qualification to become an ips) Give the exam and for this you need physical preparation, you will get complete information about all these things.

  1. You must be between 21 and 30 to become an IPS, but here is a 5-year exemption for SC / ST candidates.
  2. You should have a Bachelor degree in any field
  3. IPS exam can be given to people from India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Physical Qualification to become an IPS Officer

Male: Male should be at least 165cm in height. This is for General Candidate. If you are in SC / OBC category then for this you need at least 160cm height. 84cm Chest should be sewed

Female: The height for a woman should be at least 150cm which is for General Candidate and the length should be 145cm for women in SC / OBC category along with women. Chest must be 79cm

Eye sight: For the right eye  the vision should be 6/6 or 6/9 and the Vic Eye vision should be 6/12 or 6/9.

So something must be Rikuwarment an IPS officer who is if you have all these qualifications (Qualification) and physical abilities so you can sit for the exam and an IPS officer, ie the police officer can become Let’s get to know how Became an IPS Officer?

Top 12 Exam Preparation Tips for IPS

  • Every candidate should have a good knowledge of the history and geography related to that state, for this you should read only the general books of the state, the authentic books of history and geography.
  • The PCS exam is a civil services exam, so the candidate should be prepared for the higher level of hard work, your hard work will lead you to this position.
  • In this exam, you must have accurate knowledge of the latest developments and international developments of the country, for this you need to read one daily newspaper every day and you have to make a habit of watching news channels on TV, so that you keep updated with daily events. |
  • NCERT books are the best for preparing for this exam, through which you can get good marks in the exam by making notes.
  • Almost all the states have a Hindi question paper in the PCS exam, it is asked Paryavachi, antonyms, idioms, phrases, word forms, compound etc., in order to get good marks, you must have a good understanding of grammar, only then You will be able to compete with other candidates, because the level of these questions is very high.
  • Time management is very important to succeed in any exam, to reduce the time spent in solving questions, you will have to memorize maths formulas, which will give you immense benefits. Mathematics consists of questions of arithmetic, ratio, profit and loss, statistics etc. You can guess the number of questions and the chapter through the old question papers, from which part the most questions are asked in the exam.
  • In this exam, the candidate has to write three essays in three sections, in which your ability to understand a topic is tested, the word limit for writing the essay is seven hundred words, so you have to practice writing the essay properly Will, in your essay, you should never go from the main topic, otherwise you will not get good marks. For this you can take help of internet. If you write the same essay several times at different times, then you will develop your ability to write and you will get a good understanding of the subject. For this you will have to read the books of many authors and they have to pay deep attention to the ideas.
  • In this exam, the level of general knowledge of the candidate is tested properly, you should study the books of good publisher and good writer, make sure that the book should be authentic, otherwise you will face negative marking due to wrong information. May have to be done. It will be very beneficial to seek the help of the internet to check the correct answer to any question.
  • Candidates should solve previous years papers, which will help you in understanding the level and pattern of the questions. After solving each year’s question paper, after two or three days, try to solve that question paper again in time, so you will get an estimate of the time taken in each section. Now you have to reduce this time taken every day, the benefit of which you will definitely get in the basic exam.
  • In this exam, the candidate needs to maintain his confidence and patience, you should never be over confident, due to which you will not be able to use your ability properly.
  • You can take the help of a good teacher or coaching for PCS exam, you can find out the weaknesses from the coaching institute, you can overcome your problems by participating in group discussion with your teacher and classmates.
  • Preparing for this exam can be used for online travel through online coaching or using YouTube and your preparation will also be done on time.

IPS Thought who cracked this exams Experience (IPS TALK)

Today we are sharing with you the success story of a student of impetus IAS who has been associated with impetus IAS since the beginning of his preparation. Due to his hard work and dedication, he got the highest position in Uttarakhand Lower PCS. 

Now he will be busy preparing for civil services, but during this time he shared his strategy with the candidates of Uttarakhand. Especially during the preparation of the exam, what precautions should be taken, what should be your preparation policy.

Dear candidates, all of you will engage or are going to prepare for the examinations (mainly in the context of Review Officer / Assistant Review Officer Exam) Public Service Commission.

That I want to keep the strategy I have adopted before you, so that you can get some help in improving your preparations. Does
First of all, let’s talk about the review officer / assistant review officer exam. These exams are conducted in 3 stages-

  • Preliminary Examination
  • Main Examination
  • Interview (with reference to Lower PCS) and Computer Typing (With reference to Review Officer / Assistant Review Officer Exam.)

Importance of preliminary examination

Matter of preliminary examination: – In any examination, preliminary examination has great importance. This is the ladder after which you prepare for the main examination and if you do not pass, you wait for the next exam. 

Sometimes this wait can be very long as these examinations have been conducted only very few (about once or twice) since the formation of the state in Uttarakhand. 

Therefore, keeping these things in mind, the importance of preliminary examination increases considerably.
It is often seen that the candidates wait for the examination notification to be removed by the Commission and start preparing for the examination only after the notification arrives. 

The syllabus of these examinations is also very long (detailed) and due to the short time between the notification and the preliminary examination, it is a big challenge to prepare such a detailed syllabus in which only few candidates are successful. 

Therefore, we should not wait for the notification and do our preparations in advance.

Special attention is required in two things for the preparation of Preliminary Examination – Regular studies and re-observation. (Although these two things are required only during the entire preparation.)

You should make sure that you should do regular studies for at least one to six hours a day and revisit one or two days a week; Revision should do.

I too paid special attention to these things during my preparation. With regular studies, I used to repeat my lessons on Saturdays and Sundays during the week.

Important Book for Preparing IPS Officer

The thing to keep in mind is that no matter how much you study until you solve a question or give a test, you do not get much benefit of studying it. 

The advantage of the Mac test is that one gets an opportunity to know what level of preparation you have. The second is an opportunity to correct the mistakes made in the real exam,

and the third also helps to overcome the negative marking in the examination.
General studies have a great importance in the preliminary examination. I also studied some exam related books, which are as follows: –

History – Elementary – R.S. s. Sharma
Medieval – Satish Chandra
Modern – Spectrum
Geography – Examination Vani and Mahesh Varnwal.
Policy- M. Laxmikant.
Economics- Ramesh Singh and Examination Vani.
Science- Lucent and Examination Brainstorm.
Environment- Notes from the Institute of Speech and Emotion.
Current Affairs – Hindi daily newspaper (Dainik Jagran), notes, vision and vision current affairs today of the impulse institute.
In the Preliminary Examination, I have done R. s. Along with preparing from Aggarwal’s book of Maths and Reasoning, the momentum of the IAS Institute’s CSAT class also benefited.


Matter of main exam: –

1: – For Review Officer / Assistant Review Officer Exam – Here the first question paper is of General Studies; 100 questions are asked in it. There is also a provision for negative marking here.

Talking about the year 2016 paper, it was a very easy paper. There was no need to prepare separately for this, because preparation for the preliminary examination was sufficient for this.

Second question paper is in Hindi. In this, drafting, unread passage, interpretation, interpretation and administrative words are asked.

For this, I prepared from the update24hour’ notes, event cycle, general Hindi- Prithvi Nath Pandey and modern Hindi grammar and composition- Dr. Vasudevanandan Prasad and also joined the Hindi test series.

The third question paper is of essay. In this paper, 3 essays have to be written, each of which has a word limit of 600 words. For this also, I joined the essay test series of impromptu IAS institute Dehradun and kept giving mock tests, which improved my writing style.

2: For Lower PCS: – There are two question papers in the main examination here-

1: General Studies (Subjective Type)
2: Hindi and Subjective Type

20 questions are asked in the question paper of General Studies, which have to be answered in about 100-125 words. I also joined the momentum test series of IAS Dehradun for preparing both these question papers.

The role of the Mac test series in the main examination is more important than the preliminary examination. The more writing practice, the more the writing style improves and at the same time the practice of writing the questions is also done so that there is no problem in real time.

Talk of interview:-

Out of both the above exams, the interview is only in Lower PCS (Chhajdh). I did an in-depth study of my resume for the interview. For this, I made a diary in which I wrote a detailed account of myself, about my place of residence, district, city, my interest and interest. 

Along with this, I gave due attention to my undergraduate and postgraduate subjects as the interview also asks questions from the candidate’s background and also I got support from for the MAC interview program.

The final stage of the Reviewing Officer / Assistant Review Officer Exam is of computer knowledge and typing (Hindi / English). Practical work is to be done about basic computer knowledge in computers. For which you have to solve questions related to Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Office, Power Point Presentation etc. on the computer. 

For this, I took help of the question papers asked in previous years and used to solve them at home.
You are given 10 minutes for typing Hindi and English. I took about 3-4 months of training for typing. About 3-4 months of typing training was sufficient for this exam.

In this exam, computer knowledge and typing marks are not included in the final exam. It was seen in the examination of this time that many candidates appeared very careless about this and they could not pass the computer examination which could not make their final selection. 

Therefore, it is also important to keep in mind that after doing everything good, lest you fail in the computer exam, so keep practicing for it.

During my preparation, I used to get unprecedented guidance from Mr. Vinay Dwivedi Sir of the update24hour. I would like to give credit for my selection to vinay Sir of the IAS Institute. It would not have been possible without your guidance, sir. I hope that Sir, I will continue to guide you even further.

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