Best Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Practice Paper with Answer 2018

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Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Practice Paper with

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Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Practice Paper with Answer 2018 सम्पूर्ण जानकारी

इसमें आपको solved practice paper and question set मिलेगा जिससे आप अपनी पढाई के स्तर को जान सकेंगे और अपनी तैयारी को और भी अच्छे तरीके से कर सकेंगे जिससे ( Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Practice Paper with Answer )Assistant Loco Pilot की job को आप बड़ी ही आसानी से crack कर सके|

इस pdf में आपको question पेपर with objective है जिसे खासतोर में Assistant Loco Pilot को ध्यान में रखते हुए ही तैयार किया गया है अगर आपने इस प्रैक्टिस पेपर में कमांड हासिल कर लिया तो दोस्तों इसमें कोई दो राय नहीं है की Assistant Loco Pilot बनने से आपको कोई नहीं रोक सकता| Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Practice Paper with Answer |

असिस्टेंट लोको पायलट प्रीवियस प्रैक्टिस पेपर At a Glance

इसके अंतर्गत आपको निम्नलिखित मिलेगा:-

● Previous Years’ Solved Papers
General Awareness
General Science
General Intelligence

● Technical Ability
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Engineering

Indian Rail At a Glance ( Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Practice Paper with Answer )

Beginning of railway—In England, 1825.
● Two companies were established to develop railways in India—(i) East India Railway Company, (ii) Great Indian Peninsula Railway Company.

● Afterward, another company was also set up—Madras Railway Company.
● Indian Railway started on 16 April 1853.
● The first train covered a distance of 34 km between Mumbai and Thane. This train was run by Great Indian Peninsula company of Central Railway.
● The name of first rail engine was Beauty.
● There were 400 passengers, in four-wheeler, 14 bogies of the first train.
● In 1854, the second train ran between Hoogly and Howrah.
● Metre gauge started functioning in 1870.
● In the first stage, the railway was run by the private sector, since Indian British Government did not have fund.


  • Yearwise Length of Different Rail Routes

अब तक हुए Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Practice Paper with Answer में आये हुए सम्पूर्ण पेपर with Solved Answer

आप चाहे तो इस pdf को बिना download किये direct साईट से ही पढ़ सकते है|


Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Practice Paper with Answer 2013 में आये हुए पेपर की कुछ झलक बाकी के प्रश्न और उत्तर की लिए pdf देखे|

The example of open chain compound is—
(A) Benzene            (B) Pyridine
(C) Ethane              (D) Cyclopropane

2. Ammonia gas is—
(A) Coloured                   (B) Heavy
(C) Insoluble in water   (D) Colourless

3. Sulphur dioxide is used in—
(A) Purification of milk
(B) Purification of petroleum
(C) Purification of air
(D) None of the above

4. Which of the following is least basic?
(A) Potassium                     (B) Calcium
(C) Beryllium                      (D) Magnesium

5. The diagonal relationship of aluminum is with—
(A) Li                                  (B) Be
(C) B                                   (D) Si

6. The element of electronic configuration 1s2
2s2 2p6 3s2 will be—
(A) Metal                       (B) Non-metal
(C) Inert gas                 (D) None of these

7. Uranium is a member of—
(A) Actinide series                    (B) Transition series
(C) II period                               (D) VI period

8. The fourth member of compound having general formula CnH2n + 2 is—
(A) Ethane                                 (B) Propane
(C) Pentane                               (D) Butane

9. Saponification is a process of making—
(A) Soap                                   (B) Detergent
(C) Jam                                    (D) None of these

10. ………………. is used in ripening of fruits.
(A) Methane                        (B) Ethane
(C) Propane                          (D) Ethylene

Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Practice Paper with Answer 2008 में आये हुए पेपर की कुछ झलक बाकी के प्रश्न और उत्तर की लिए pdf देखे|

01. Sea-coast of which of the following states of India is the longest ?
(A) Kerala            (B) Gujarat
(C) Tamil Nadu (D) Andhra Pradesh

02. Which of the following cities was the capital of Ranjit Singh, the king of Punjab ?
(A) Peshawar           (B) Amritsar
(C) Lahore                (D) Rawalpindi

03. Fundamental duties of the citizens are included in which article of the Indian Constitution?
(A) Article 51A          (B) Article 50A
(C) Article 50B         (D) Article 51B

04. What is diamond chemically ?
(A) Zinc                     (B) Nickel
(C) Nitrogen             (D) Carbon

05. Jaundice infects which of the following organs of the body ?
(A) Small intestine        (B) Liver
(C) Stomach                    (D) Pancreas

06. Which of the following countries has the highest number of post offices?
(A) France                    (B) China
(C) India                       (D) Japan

07. In India, Uttar Pradesh is the top producer of  which of the following crops?
(A) Sugar cane          (B) Rice
(C) Barley                  (D) Wheat

08. What is the safe temperature to keep the food stuffs safely in the refrigerator?
(A) 4°C                       (B) O°C
(C) 8°C                      (D) 10°C

09. The following instrument is used to measure
the blood pressure—
(A) Barometer
(B) Altimeter
(C) Sphygmanometer
(D) Tacometer

Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Practice Paper with Answer 2007 में आये हुए पेपर की कुछ झलक बाकी के प्रश्न और उत्तर की लिए pdf देखे|

01. In a school, ratio of boy students and girl students is 5 : 2. If the number of boy students is 450 more than the girl students, how many students are there in the school ?
(A) 750                  (B) 950
(C) 1050               (D) None of these

02. BFJ : R : : OAF : ?
(A) P                    (B) Q
(C) V                    (D) W

03. XPT : JHL : : BDL : ?
(A) FAB                (B) FXB
(C) FBC               (D) FDA

06. Square of the sum of two positive numbers is 9. What would be the value of the sum of the cubes of these numbers ?
(A) 27                   (B) 81
(C) 45                   (D) 9

07. Potato belongs to which family ?
(A) Gramini                    (B) Compositae
(C) Solanaceae               (D) Cucurbitaceae

08. Who discovered the laws of planetary motion ?
(A) Newton                    (B) Galileo
(C) Copernicus             (D) Kepler

09. In the battery of the car, the acid used is—
(A) Acetic acid
(B) Sulphuric acid
(C) Hydrochloric acid
(D) Nitric acid

10. Which of the following diseases is caused by virus ?
(A) Typhoid                 (B) T. B.
(C) Cholera                 (D) Hepatitis

11. Chromatographic technique is used for the following purposes—
(A) To identify coloured materials
(B) To determine the structure of materials
(C) Distillation of coloured materials
(D) To separate the materials from the mixture
and then analyse them

Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Practice Paper with Answer Indian History and Culture में आये हुए पेपर की कुछ झलक बाकी के प्रश्न और उत्तर की लिए pdf देखे|

1. Who put up the most stiff resistance against the British in India ?
(A) The Marathas                   (B) The Rajputs
(C) The Sikhs                           (D) The Moghals

2. Which amidst the following sites/monuments is not on the UNESCO’slist of World Cultural Heritages ?
(A) Agra Fort
(B) Humayun’s Tomb at Delhi
(C) Tirupathi-Tirumala Temples
(D) Keoladeo National Park

3. The ancient Indian play Mudrarakshasa of Visakhadutt has its subject on—
(A) A conflict between Gods and Demons of ancient Hindu lore
(B) The court intrigues at the time of Chandragupta Maurya
(C) A romantic story of an Aryan prince and a tribal woman
(D) The story of power struggle between two Aryan tribes

4. The practice of military governorship was first introduced in India by the—
(A) Greeks                             (B) Shakas
(C) Parthians                        (D) Mughals

5. The Raga which is sung early in the morning is—
(A) Todi                               (B) Darbari
(C) Bhopali                         (D) Bhimpalasi

6. Which one of the following dynasties was ruling over North India at the time of Alexander’s invasion ?
(A) Nanda                         (B) Maurya
(C) Sunga                          (D) Kanva

7. Which among the following was sent by the Greek sovereigns as ambassadors to Pataliputra ?
(A) Aristotle                        (B) Plato
(C) Neither of these          (D) Megasthenes

8. Who among the following streamlined the Maratha administration after Sambhaji ?
(A) Raja Ram                   (B) Balaji Viswanath
(C) Ganga Bai                  (D) Nanaji Deshmukh

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