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The 12th Fail book is an Indian satirical novel written by Anurag Pathak. The book was published in the year 2015 and is about a 12th grade student who learns about his father’s death from a letter.

112th fail book pdf download:- It is a very inspiring book that can change one’s life completely. It is written in simple language and you are able to understand it very easily.

The most important part of this book is the strategies and strategies that one can implement to make his/her life more happier at all times.

The 12th fail book has been designed so that people can read it without being influenced by stressful things in their lives.

The main idea behind this book is to help the reader learn about how hard work can help you in your career and make you even more successful than before.

The 12th fail book is written from a personal point of view, so everyone must be able to relate with it.

When I was in university, I failed a lot of subjects there was no way I could pass them

If You want to read this 12th fail book we are sharing below a pdf where you can read this inspiring book.

The main characters of the book are:

  1. The protagonist,
  2. His best friend,
  3. His girlfriend,
  4. His father,
  5. His mother,
  6. A doctor who he meets during his stay at the hospital where his dad died,
  7. A guy called “Ricky” who helps him out during the whole process of grieving for his dad

The protagonist starts to question everything that he has been told by Ricky and then goes on to learn more about what happened in his life and how it affects him emotionally when he is exposed to more information.

Benefit after reading 12th fail book

This book will transform your thinking, as all reviews state. After 20 pages, it was a dry forest fire when I finished. It was completed in less than a day. This book is essential reading for all those who are interested in a government job. The key points I will share with you are: Strength to fight for your weak subjects

  • Financial problems can be overcome with strength
  • Courage to stand up for your integrity and your beliefs
  • Mother’s Love
  • The Maturity of Father
  • Love between friends and love conflict
  • Learning from your insults and bearing it
  • This is the reality of this vast world. Even a small person can make a difference by taking small steps to change it.
  • Your Mate’s Love and maturity to love you when you succeed or fail
  • The philosophy of an IAS aspirant, and his ability to answer difficult questions.

This novel is a must-read for everyone.

12th fail book pdf in hindi

It’s a very famous novel which is a collection of the most embarrassing moments from his life.

The 12th Fail Book is an entertaining read for those who are looking for some light-hearted laughter in their day.

It can be read as a personal journal or even as an educational tool for those who want to learn from the author’s mistakes.

12th fail book pdf download in hindi

The 12th failure book is a book that is very inspiring and can make a huge difference in your life.

It is the story of Manoj kumar sharma’s struggle to survive. 

He was employed in various jobs to ensure their survival, including as a security guard at a library and flour mill.

Book Name –12th fail book pdf download
Author Name-Anurag Pathak
Format- PDF
PDF Size-30 MB
Language-English and Hindi
Publications-NeoLit Publications
12th fail book writer Anurag Pathak
12th fail book in hindi summary video

12th fai book pdf- click on download

12th fail book pdf in english

As I know often students qurious after lisening name of 12th fail book pdf in english and want to know more about this so we are sharing some more information which related to 12th fail book pdf in english book.

He is from Morena City of Madhya Pradesh. Because he was from Morena, students were not serious and they only used cheating to get admission.

But when manoj appeared for their 12th class exam, the district SDM for that area changed and new person took charge.

After many students failed, manoj decided to be sdm. He began to prepare for mppsc exam.

12th fail book by anurag pathak pdf download

every students want to know about anurag pathak noval’s 12th fail book? if you also want this?

then below we are telling about anurag pathak 12 fail book description.

Twelfth Failing is a novel that is based on real events and a true story.

It has become the Hindi literature’s best-selling novel. This is the story of a young boy struggling to make his way in life. 

This novel Kas Tanabana IAS was a fascinating world for youth. There is both success and failure.

The main character of the story was born in a small village of the Chambal valleys. This story is read from the schools that took the contract to pass it.

She passed the IAS examination, passing the country’s most difficult examination and doing a job cleaning a library. 

Aspiring to become the greatest officer, he was a dreamer. He worked hard to achieve his goal, but he also did the smallest things and was often devastated. 

The tale of the twelfth failed as much as it laughed. It is easy, simple, and emotional to read this novel. Then you will find yourself drowning.

12th fail manoj sharma book pdf

This is the best book ever on motivation for those who are aspiring to take government exams!

It’s extremely interesting. Mr. Pathak has crafted Mr. Manoj Sharma’s feathers of life. This is my story. It is yours too.
Mr. Manoj is an example of how to find a compromise between your problems and your attitude to overcome them. He always finds a way to use his positive approach to solve any problem.

I am also from bundelkhand in uttar pradesh. I’m proud to be from it, which has produced GEMS such as Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma.

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